Herat University Chancellor's Message

3 months 3 weeks ago

Academic institutions, as the flag barriers of specialized and applied knowledge, play an important role in the comfort and well-being of societies.

True bliss depends on clear understanding and wise application of religious guidelines. Material excellence and progress relies on true understanding of the mysteries of nature whose creator is Allah, and this progress is only possible through the application of specialized knowledge and professional development.

Herat University, as one of the largest and strongest national academic institutions in the country, with its capable and reputed staff worthy of the ancient Herat, strives to provide good religious and human mission in professional education and training of committed specialists. Herat University, in cooperation with other institutions and sectors, is determined to scholarly and responsibly play a fundamental role in enlightening the minds, producing and promoting up-to-date knowledge, and by participating fully in national and regional policies and strategies takes pride in the path of progress and excellence.

Allah bestows success and we are the ones who are dear to Allah

Professor Abdul Aziz Nemani President of Herat University

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Tue, Sep 27 2022 11:05 AM
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Scientific council meeting of Herat University

Herat University’s Academic Council meeting was held with in presence of Prof, Abdula Aziz Nomani Chancellor of Herat University, Mulavi Menatullah Akhondzadeh, special representative. . .

Tue, Sep 27 2022 10:56 AM
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An academic conventional was held on unallowable cyberspace content from an Islamic view

On the initiative of female students of the Theology Faculty with the cooperation of the cultural committee, an academic convention on unallowable cyberspace content from an Islamic. . .

Sun, Sep 25 2022 9:59 AM
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The meeting of the administrative council of the university was held.

The Herat University administration council meeting was held.
Herat University administration council was held with the presence of Prof, Abdul Aziz Nomani chancellor of Herat. . .