Another honor for Herat University

02 Jun, 2018

Work National Conference had been held with presence of Herat University students and 4 other universities in Kabul which Herat University students could attract the attention of the attendees; by providing the best eco

Welcoming Ramadan

02 Jun, 2018

Cultural committee of male dormitory with cooperation of administration deputy of Herat University and students to welcome holy month of Ramadan spread an Iftar table for the fasting.

Creating Job Opportunities for Graduates and Students at Herat University

06 May, 2018

University Support and Work Force Development Program (USWDP) organized a job fair program at Herat University to provide job opportunities for Herat University graduates and senior students.

Visiting of Ambassador of Britain from Herat University

01 May, 2018

Dr. Abdullah Faiz Chancellor of Herat University met with Nikolas k Ambassador of Britain, Eric Lawrie Head of British Council and a researcher of Leeds University.