the Kankor exams of private universities and Institutions were monitored

Thu, Aug 18 2022 10:03 AM

Today, Mulavi Menatullah Akhondzadeh, special representative of Ministry of Higher Education, Herat University deputy of Finance and Administrative and superintendent of Herat University accompanying with Prof, Rahim Bakhsh Faqiryar Head of Lecturer’s Affairs and superintendent of Academic Affairs, monitored the Kankor exams of private universities and Institutions.
In these visits, Mulavi Menatullah Akhondzadeh positively evaluated the academic activities of private universities and institutions which play a vital and valuable role in growth and development of society along with the state’s higher education institutions and said: “current situation requires that officials of these institutions pay more attention to offering high quality services and implementation of the Higher Education’s rules and regulations; on the other hand, the Ministry of Higher Education is committed to collaborate with the private universities and institutions and also appreciates their academic activities.”
The officials of private institutions while supporting the Higher Education’s programs, vowed that they’ll do their best on offering the best educational services and pave the way for all citizens to continue their education aligned with the Ministry of Higher Education, they will do their national duty towards the society in the best way.

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