The Introduction of Herat University

Afghanistan has faced with political, social, economy, scientific and cultural cataclysmic recently. That has passed its developments and promotion progress toward dynamic, and people of Afghanistan in this context are known as people of science and culture. Besides various organizations, including the scientific and cultural community have exhibited a lot of activities in this area which have worth to be described. Herat University which is as well as a great scientific is located in West Zone of the country, and it is as well as a national University for many years which grabs rapid growth and significant position. The existence of more than sixty students from other provinces in Herat University is the evidence of national scientific body; meanwhile Herat University is introduced as a leading University in the country, which in its five-year development plans and strategy referred to it.

Herat University is established in 1367 as the request of the discerning people of Herat and approval of Ministry of Higher Education of that time. Although Herat from decades ago had its scientific and academic activities in Gowharshad Begom and Fakhrul Madaress, Herat University had been started its teaching and activities from  Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, and later with the establishment of faculties such as Fine Arts, Agriculture, Economy, Religious and Islamic Sciences, Engineering ,Education, Law and political science, Computer science , Journalism and mass communication science and Public policy, Stomatology, Veterinary ,Administration and Social Sciences , also 3 Institutes including agriculture and education of  Badghis, education of Farah and Ghor continue to operate, and has always been proud.

Herat University has 16 faculties and 70 departments has been able to offer thousands of male and female specialists in different fields in society, that will always play a significant role in the scientific and development of the country.

In summer semester 2019 the existence of 436 professors including 29 people have PHD, 218 Masters, 189 Bachelors, among these people 8 are Professors (Pohand), 8 are Associate Professor (Pohanval), 32 are Assistant Professor (Pohandoy), 91 are Senior Teaching Assistant (Pohanmal), 182 are Teaching Assistant (Pohniyar), 19 are (Namzad Pohaniyar) and 96 people are Pohyalai. 257  people are administrative and service staff, 1 person is General Director (Chancellor) of University, 3 people are Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Students affairs and Administrative and Financial affairs, 1 people is director of hospital, 13 people are directors, 39 people are in charge of public managements, 60 managers, 3 officers, 144 people are service staffs and 17086 students, which is sign of progress and growth of this university.

Herat University has paid special attention to construction in recent years. Officials have been increasingly getting attention for creating a green and suitable space in Herat University. Planted more than 30,000 saplings of fruitful and fruitless, established Boulevard and green space according to the map and plan also shows the other side of officials’ activities. Create different relations with the world academic institute is the point that globalize Herat University and led it to its scientific destiny. Right now Herat University has great working and relationships with more than 30 scientific institutions and Universities of the world and Herat University’s teachers are obtaining their Master's and PHD degree throw scholarships in that Universities.

In recent years, Herat University could manage and maintained relations of cooperation with a number of foreign Universities such as United States of America, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Slovakia, Iran, India and Indonesia. As a result of this cooperation teaching curriculum in faculties of Computer Science, Science, Engineering, Economics, Agriculture, Medicine, Religious and Islamic and Journalism and mass communication has been partial or totally amended and syllabi and textbooks are prepared as well.

Scientific cooperation with Herat University and implementation of development programs has been done on behalf of donors including the World Bank, USAID and DAAD.

Herat University leadership board always seeks and spent to further excellence in the scientific and cultural efforts, according to regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and existing of five-year strategic plan for the grace of Allah and assist the competent authorities this scientific institution has reached to the scientific peak, that today Herat University based on the effort of this institution has changed from a regional University into a national University. And prevailed this academic institution; compared to other scientific centers proved that this way is a source of valuable services to the Afghan people.

Herat University in 2003 was without independent academic building and was keeping its activities in residential buildings in different places of Herat city, but then by construction of collection of new building of Herat University.

And determined to take possession of land in different areas of Herat city the problem is largely solved and the areas are as follows.

  1. Total area of Herat University is 140 acres of land located in Bagh Dasht, with 27 legal deeds of Enjil court and right now the buildings faculties of Fine Arts, Agriculture, Economy, Religious and Islamic Sciences, Engineering, Law and political science, Journalism and mass communication and Literature and Administrative offices, Female dormitory building, Male dormitory and scientific research center building are been used. For the time being, some buildings between faculties are jointly used as follows: 
  • Teaching building of Engineering Faculty including ( faculties of Engineering and Computer Science and ITCH).
  • Faculty of Fine Art’s building including ( faculties of Fine Art and Department of Public Policy).
  • Faculty of Economy’s building including ( faculty of Economy).
  • Faculty of Law and Political science’s building including ( faculties of Law and Social Sciences).
  • Faculty of Agriculture ‘s building including ( faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences).
  • Faculty of Religious and Islamic science including ( faculties of Religious and Stomatology).
  • Faculty of Literature and Human Science’s building including ( faculties of Literature and Medicine).
  • Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication’s building.
  • Building blocks for teaching faculty of education ( South West of Bagh Azadi).
  • Male dormitory’s building ( bars and dining in two blocks and Science faculty) inside University Campus.
  • Female dormitory’s building on North of Herat University main campus beside Qul Ordo sabiq Street.
  • Technical Workshop
  1. Education Faculty of Herat University: is 20 acres of land located in fifth district of municipalities in South West of Bagh Azadi, which includes building for head of the faculty of education, 7 teaching and administrative blocks, green space and ornamental trees, green lawns and playground as well
  2. Area of medical faculty of Herat University is about 200,000 square meters which is located in northern of Herat city on Khwaja Abdullah Ansari Street. Also a health clinic has been  constructed by a charity person, as well as this clinic care to the people of Herat and surrounding districts for medical services. Especially Shelter New office equipped Stomatology section which is activated.
  3. A piece of land with an area of 666 square meters which is located on the East of Sufi-Abad of Herat city is donated by charity person to build the clinic.
  4. Research farm of Agriculture Faculty with an area of 600 acres of land is located in Dasht-e-House of Enjil district has been awarded to Herat University as per presidential decree No. 1371, and providing of facilities and thousands of fruitful and fruitless sapling have been planted over the years Faculty and agriculture students are busy for practical and their experiences activities.
  5. Herat University is located in the northern part of Herat city with an area of 152.89 acres of land which is transferred and rewarded to Herat University as per 6847 official decree of presidential. That, lack of land area in Herat University has made to solve and with the  contribution of USA Force building of female dormitory is built in 1394 on three floors and has been handed over to the University.
  6. Veterinary Clinic of Herat University is located the West side of University.

Total Students of Spring Student Seminary of Herat University in 1398

Part Female Male Total
Day time (Morning/Afternoon) 7961 8094 16055
Evening Time 329 583 912

Masters students at Literature faculty

24 28 52

Masters students at Economics faculty

10 20 30

Community collage students

12 25 37
Total 8332 8750 17086

Educators’ Services:

Herat University as always tried its best to provide the best services for its educators in an academic environment, from them can be.

  • research center
  • Male and Female Dormitory
  • Information Technology Center at Herat University (ITCH)
  • English language training center and computerized (ELCLC).
  • Agricultural research farm.
  • Computer skills training for females.
  • USWDP learning center
  • Public library which has more than 40000 book in variety field and professional libraries in each faculty which has minimum 4000 book.
  • Professional and modern laboratories for each faculty.
  • Cafeteria and service of printing press.
  • Short term seminars and training courses like; Credit bill seminar, method of research and ….
  • Scientific radio – Training voice of youth.
  • Daily programs base to the faculties and other offices.
  • Center of printing press for educators practical assignments.
  • Media operation center – Journalism faculty for expanding communication.
  • Playground for football, volleyball.

Future plans for the development of Herat University‘s buildings-Teaching, residential and service.

  • Construction of University’s Auditorium
  • Construction of Mosque among all University’s buildings.
  • Construction of University central library’s building.
  • Completion construction of kindergarten building location new building of University directorship.
  • Construction of teaching building of Public policy faculty.
  • Construction of professional hospital for Medicine Faculty on specified location (West side of Gazer Gah) Street and a teaching building for Medicine faculty.
  • Construction of a library for Teaching and Training Faculty in measure of 500 square meters and a large hall for holding workshops and seminars.
  •  Construction of teaching building for Science faculty.
  • Construction of teaching building for Veterinarian faculty
  • Construction of teaching building for Stomatology faculty.
  • Construction of teaching building for Social science faculty.
  • Construction of teaching building for Computer Science faculty.