Scientific conference on the environmental impacts of investment in agriculture

Thu, Aug 13 2020 8:56 AM

Scientific conference on the environmental impacts of investment in agriculture was held by the Faculty of Agriculture with the cooperation of FAO Organization in the presence of Herat University leaders, FAO representative, governmental bodies and international officials, Head of Agriculture, lecturers and students at Agriculture Faculty Conference Hall at Herat University. The purpose of this conference was studying the role of agricultural investments on the environment. Pohandoy Dr. Mohammad Dawood Monir, Herat University Vice Chancellor for Students’ Affair, emphasized on the importance of environment and he said that it is the responsibility of all the members of the society to preserve it. He added, “since considering the environment is in the center of global attention, Afghanistan should take academic steps with holding conferences and seminars on this subject to aware Afghans”.   

Then the acting dean of Agriculture Faculty enumerated environmental problems and challenges and noted that investment in agriculture was essential and different aspects should have been considered.
The conference also provided information on the environmental role of investment in agriculture and the problems that exist in this sector by Pohand Abdul Rahim Omid and Pohandoy Mohammad Nazir Sekandari.

At the end, the participants' questions were answered and their suggestions were considered.


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