Chancellor Of Herat University Visits Kandahar Province Officials

Wed, Aug 12 2020 2:11 PM

Kandahar University’s vice-chancellor Abdul Hanan Manib, Dr. Mir Totakheel Ph.D., and Kandahar University’s professors talked with Dr. Abdullah Fayez, chancellor of Herat University, Dr. Mohammad Davood Munir, Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs, and Mohammed Diyand and Mohammad.

The purpose of the visit was to visit the faculties, libraries, laboratories, computer rooms, clinics and other facilities of Herat University.

Dr. Abdullah Faiz, chancellor of Herat University, described the universities as centers of thought production, unity, and empathy among the community, adding: "It is a public duty to work for the development of our beloved Afghanistan; He considered it important to achieve this goal.

Dr. Faze said, 62% of students from Herat University are from other provinces of the country, which plays an important role in creating national unity.

The President of Kandahar University thanked and appreciated Herat University’s hospitality.



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