The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Ray Zhao Hyung, met with the chancellor of the University of Herat, Dr. Abdullah Fayez, and the vice-chancellors of the University.

Wed, Aug 12 2020 1:53 PM

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Ray Zhao Hyung, today met with the Vice President of the University of Herat, Dr. Abdullah Faiz, while the vice-chancellor of the University also attended.

Dr. Abdullah Fayez, Head of Herat University, welcomed the guests and thanked Korea for its academic cooperation with Herat University.He apprised the ambassador on the activities and achievements of the University, said Herat University as the national and premier university in Afghanistan. It has gained accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education's Quality and Accreditation Department, which promotes and enhances higher education aligned with international standards.

Dr. Faiz added: According to the university's strategic plan, 148 professors are now being introduced to master's and doctoral scholarships, which will include 100 professors with a doctorate in the next two years.

The meeting also focused on holding international conferences on land management and urban development, creating new departments and disciplines, establishing sports gymnasiums for female students, and signing cooperation agreements with Korean universities, which were all highlighted by the Korean ambassador.

In addition, Korean Ambassador Ray Jha Hyung congratulated Herat University on the credits and appreciated the accomplishments of Herat University.

Ambassador Koria supported the plans of Herat University: Since Herat is an ancient province, Herat plays an important and vital role in preserving cultural heritage in the country and by training specialized staff, tourism will increase in the province.

Ambassador Ria Jha Hyung also commended Herat University's scientific capacities in agriculture and highlighted the importance of investing in this industry.

Ambassador Koria recently thanked Herat University for launching the Taekwondo Championships and supporting the sport.


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