English Language and Literature Department

The Faculty of Education was originally founded under the name of “ Daarulmalemeen” in the years 1957 to 1971.  The aforementioned institution was promoted to the Higher Teachers’ Training Institute in 1973. In 1976, the Department of English Language and Literature started working within the framework of the institution.

In the year 1985 AD, with the promotion of the Institute of Teachers’ Training to the Institute of Pedagogy, and later in 1986 to Faculty of Education, the institution got connected to Herat University and has continued its efforts and activities as before.

According to the regulations of the time, students had to take one extra preparatory semester in conjunction with the eight required semesters. It is worth mentioning that this department is closely affiliated with the English Department, Education Faculty, Kabul University. Its Curriculum is applicable here, and their senior instructors constantly help our teacher as advisors. The assist our teachers in improving their academic ranking.

Academic goals of English Language and Literature Department

Promoting teachers’ academic credentials to master’s and Ph.D.

To nurture the level of knowledge and awareness of professors through participating in academic and literary seminars and conferences

Academic affiliation and association with likewise institutions such as Shaheed Prof.Rabbani Education University,  Faculty of English Literature, University of Herat and other educational institutions in the Provinces.

Educational Objectives of the Department of English Language and Literature

Educating pre-service and in-service English language students with modern methodology

Teaching leadership skills so as to train future educational leaders