The unveiling of the results of the students' research in the Agricultural Development Department, Agriculture College

Wed, Aug 12 2020 1:49 PM

Herat University’s Faculty of Agriculture Announced the results of the postgraduate students' research of the Agricultural Development Departmen in the first annual scientific-research yearbook for the students at a conference held at the Agriculture Department.

In the beginning, Dr. Abdul Sattar Fazeli, head of the Agriculture Faculty, welcomed the guests, speaking about the event, saying: "The research was conducted by students in different villages."

Further, Dr. Abdullah Fayez, Head of Herat University, welcomed the students' scientific research and praised their findings in raising the quality of important agricultural and economic products, and congratulated the students on the first scientific-research yearbook.

Head of Herat University said: In recent years, Herat University students have been able to achieve good results in national and international competitions, litigation, allegiance programs, and Hult Prize, reflecting the academic capabilities of the students of this academic institution.

Mohammad Rafiq Shahir, Chairman of the Council of Experts, also congratulated the students of Herat University's Agriculture College and noted the achievements of Herat University.

He considered the cooperation of Herat University with other sectors important for the development of society.

Shafiqeh Molavizadeh, Deputy Head of the Department of Development and Agricultural Economics, also presented the posters and the first yearbook of the researches of students of the campus, and recently the first yearbook of the students of the field of agriculture was also shown in the presence of guests.


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