Introduction and History of the Faculty of Law and Political Science

 law and political science, as an academic institution, – was established and opened in 2002 in order to promote the culture of the rule of law and training of professional cadres (lawyers, politicians, judges, attorneys, prosecutors and the civil service departments) This faculty started by accepting (71) male and female students. The course of study, in order to get a Bachelor's degree, lasts eight semesters (four years)

 This faculty has four departments: Department of public law, private law, international relations and criminal law. Recently, the students are given to this faculty through Kankoor exam to study in either Diplomacy & Administration section or Judicial & Prosecution Section.

Besides the mentioned departments, the legal clinics of the Department of Herat University, Center for the rule of law and human rights and the French and English language departments promote practical knowledge and language skills of students and professors by providing necessary services.

The administration and curriculum of this faculty is managed by, the dean, deputy, teaching management, different departments, the Center for the rule of law and a legal clinic.