Area of Work for the Graduates of this Faculty

Graduates of various departments of this faculty can work in information and cultural departments of government and private sectors, preservation of cultural heritage, scientific, literary and cultural research centers, the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan, centers for the compilation, translation, correction of literary texts in Dari language, English, Arabic, German, and Pashto. Graduates of this faculty will play literary theorists, skilled poets and scholars in their respective fields and play a significant role in the literary and cultural transformations of the foreign languages ​​of the country.

Most graduates of this faculty can be cultural and linguistic experts than can have an active and valuable contribution to research programs undertaken by government or national and international organizations. Graduates of this faculty will have the necessary abilities in the translation of literary and non-literary works. Considering the need for academic education in Afghanistan, some of these graduates can be trained as teachers, especially in Arabic literature and Pashtu literature.