The Interpretation Department

This department was established at the same time as the establishment of the Sharia Faculty and was divided into two departments of Interpretation and Hadith of Sharif in accordance with the written (378) year of 1421 AH, thus separating the interpretation from the Hadith, but the two departments are not considered the graduating Departments. It does not count, which is planning to become a graduate department in the future plan.

The Islamic Education Department, which has graduated to more than 1,000 male and female graduates, are active in key Judicial, Administrative, Educational, Governmental, and Institutional Constituencies.

Scientific Goals

Educating of professional cadres in the Judiciary and other organs of the country.

Extensive efforts to realize the Islamic Militancy far from extremes.

Participation in protecting the legendary heritage of good predecessor through the dissemination and dissemination of their great scientific treasures.

Eliminating the Ideological, Intellectual, and Contemporary theories that needs explanation and enlightenment.

An attempt at the self-sufficiency of the Afghan community in Islamic sciences through the training of scientific and professional cadres in Islamic sciences.

Learning Objectives

An effort to educate a Muslim and believer who can understand Islamic truths with insight.

Publishing and disseminating religious law in society through students in this field.

Training trained cadres in justice and justice throughout the country.

Educating of a committed and specialist education specialist in education in the country.

Subjects: The total number of credits in this field is 154 credits.