Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration, as the first department was founded in the framework of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Herat in 1992. This department was formulated on the bases of the community's need and the market demand to supply professional workforce in this field. Since productive and service enterprises are an integral part of the economy of each country, their improvement and development can have positive and profound effects on the country's economic growth and development.

Department of Macroeconomic

The importance of learning economics as one of the branches of the social sciences is rooted in the unlimited and increasing need of humanity due to scarce resources. Strengthening the economic sectors in one country implies growth and development, leading to the well-being and the improvement of the standard of living of the people of that society. As economic growth and development require the education and learning of economics, in many societies and countries, prestigious universities are conducive to deep research in the field of economics. Taking into account the importance and necessity of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Herat, the Department of Macroeconomic was established in 2004 as a scientific center in the field of economic research, bringing the young and experienced cadres together in this field to educate young and enthusiastic generations.

Department of Finance and Banking

In the early 2014, the Department of Finance and Banking was established on the basis of the needs of the society and labor market to fulfill the gap of professional in the field of Finance and Banking. The country’s financial and banking system is one of the most important economic sectors of the country, which has made significant progress and significant steps in consolidating its role in the country’s economy following the significant changes of the last decade.