Department of History

The Department of History; under the name of the Department of Social Sciences, which included History and geography, is one of the first departments created within the framework of “Darulmalimeen” (in the History section further description will be given).

The department currently has five male professors and one female teacher, and the number of students in this department is about 155, of which (46) are males and (109) are female students.

Background of the History Department

The subject of history was one of the subjects taught alongside the other subjects since the establishment of Darulmaleemin.  In the year 1972, when the “Darulmaleemen” was promoted to the Higher Teacher Training Academy, a department of History and Geography was established within the framework of the Institute. In 1986, when Higher Teacher Training Academy was promoted to Institute of Pedagogy, disciplines of history and geography together made up one of the three departments of the institution.

In the year 2003, when reforms were started at the Higher Education Office, this department joined the University of Herat within the framework of Faculty of Education. The two departments functioned as one until 2014.

In 2014, the Department of History and Geography was separated into two departments of history and geography, based on the suggestion of professors of the Department and the approval of the Academic Council for Education, the Academic Council of the University, and the Ministry of Higher Education. Now both departments continue their separate activities independently.

Academic goals of the Department of History

To promote teachers’ academic credentials to masters and doctoral degrees;

Academic communication with akin institutions such as the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Herat and that of other provinces, and the Department of Information and Culture, Historical Management, Tourism and so on and so forth

Educational goals of the Department of History

Develop professional skills to meet the criteria for higher education

To improve the educational level of our students and provide them with courses on the use of English Language and computer training courses, as well as seminars and conferences.