Department of Public Law

This department was established in 2002 as the first department of Law and Political Science Faculty in Herat. The public law further explains the relationship between the individual and the community with the government, the issues surrounding the legal system of the country, how to accept the separation of powers therein. Meanwhile, public law is one of the most important areas of law. This department, in addition to covering a large part of the jurisprudence topics of the Attorney General's Office, provides some of the topics related to the administrative diplomacy. Currently, the department has (9) members of academic staff.

Scientific goals

1.      Production of knowledge through the training of the scientific experts in the field of justice and judicial for the service of the Afghan community

2.      Improving the quality of the education in accordance to international standards through curriculum reform

3.      Creation of academic atmosphere and discussion in order to transfer specialized knowledge to students and promote the culture of student centered education.

4.      Organizing seminars, scientific workshops, and writing scientific research papers.

5.      To keep educational institutions away from any political, religious, ethnic or group affiliation, and to create an atmosphere of tolerance and national unity between the younger generation.

6.      Developing the culture of rule of law and its recognition by conducting scientific seminars and training of specialized staff in the field of law

7.      Empower students with academic and judicial skills in Afghanistan through vocational and practical training.

8.      Grow the culture of study and research by teaching research topics and conducting extensive legal research in the field.