Department of Private Law

This department was established in 2012 on behalf of the Ministry of Higher Education within the framework of the Faculty of Law and Political Science. Private law is considered as one of the most fundamental fields of law science. In this field, students become familiar with the rules governing the relations of individuals in the community (personal status, business law, company and partnerships, transactions, banking, conflict resolution, etc.). This department now works with (7) professors.

Scientific goals:

1.      Active participation in the process of producing legal knowledge by cooperating in the training of experts on Afghan day issues

2.      Promoting the level of professors' knowledge through their deployment in order to complete short and long term programs (master's and doctorate)

3.      To institutionalize the implementation of the credit system in order to provide educational facilities for professors, students, and thereby enhance their professional knowledge

4.      Criterion of curriculum based on the requirements of the Afghan society and accepted international standards

5.      Collaborate on expanding the activities of the legal clinic to apply the science of law and make students aware of the legal challenges facing the community.

6.      Develop seminars and workshops in the field of private law (personal status, transactions, trade and dispute resolution) to enhance the level of knowledge of faculty and staff.

7.      Effort to set up and implement scientific research projects by professors and students in order to challenge the community-legal issues and provide legal solutions-applied in this field.

8.      Collaborate on the promotion of the rule of law through participation in legal awareness programs, capacity-building and advisory services to relevant institutions.