Biography of Chancellor

Professor, Dr. Abdullah Faiz was born in Herat province in 1973 and raised in an intellectual family. He got his elementary education in Tajrebawi school; accomplished his middle and secondary education in Sultan Qayasodin Ghori and Enghelab high school in 1992. He started his higher education by joining Agriculture Faculty in Herat University in 1993. Accomplishing his bachelor’s degree successfully, he became a faculty member in 1997.  

Dr. Abdullah Faiz earned and completed his master’s degree from University of Agricultural Science in Bangalore, India in 2010 and then right after his return, he became dean of Agriculture Faculty within the period of 2010-2013.

He then got his Doctoral degree in 2016 in India and after successful completion of degree and upon his return; he became Herat University’s acting chancellor in March 30, 2016 and then chancellor in December 24, 2016.

Dr. Faiz published 12 international academic and research-based papers in different journals. Some of his articles are as follow:

  • A Critical Analysis of forest Management Behavior of Village Forest Committee (VFC) Member of Karnatake State. Journal of Global Communication.
  • Knowledge Level of Saffron Growers in Pashtoon Zarghon District, Herat Afghanistan. Modern Agricultural Science and Technology. USA. ISSN2375-9402.