Strategic plane


The Law and Political Science Faculty is one of the leading law and political science faculties in the country. By providing standard education, the faculty trains professionals to work in the promotion of the rule of law, the strengthening of democracy, social development and prosperity and the establishment of a sound administration based on good governance indicators that are free from corruption at the national level.


Provides theoretical and practical trainings with the effective use of modern educational methods in accordance with acceptable national and international standards in the field of law and politics, production of legal knowledge through research and writing, application of legal knowledge through the training of professionals who are working to institutionalized  in justice, spreading the rule of law, strengthening democracy, maintaining human rights values ​​and good governance.


Considering the beliefs and principles governing the Afghan society, attention to the maintenance of the high interests of the country, the consolidation of national unity, the commitment to the quantitative and qualitative presentation of legal-political knowledge, the achievement of internationally accepted standards in the academic environment and the generalization of accountability; We consider the following fundamental values:

·         Belief and respect for Islamic values;

·         Strengthening the spirit of national unity, accountability and consolidation of political stability;

·         Maintain and institutionalize ethics and human dignity

·         Generalization of justice and equality;

·         Higher education with a quality and standard tailored to the needs of the community;

·         Attention to standard teaching and research and respect for the scientific achievements of others;

·         Healthy and efficient administration

SWOT Analysis:

For analyzing the internal and external environment, SWOT analysis method has been used which listed strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, and for each of them was considered a rating and coefficient. The information in this analysis was extracted from the members of the Faculty of Law and Political Science and a group of elite students. Finally, the status of the Faculty of Law and Political Science was recognized as a competitive status by SWOT analysis results. This means that the dominant strategies of the Law and Political Science Faculty should be such that the faculty can reduce the impact of threats by using its strengths.

Goals and Objectives of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Herat University:

The Faculty of Law and Political Science follows the strategic plan of Herat University with four main goals in its strategic direction, including:

·         Research and production of science

·         Educating and training professionals

·         Applied Science

·         Improvement and promotion the management of the Faculty of Law and Political Science