Department of Hadith Sharif

The Department of Hadith Sharif was founded in 1993 by the attention of competent authorities along with other Departments of this Faculty.

Scientific Goals

The introduction of the Prophet's Tradition as the second source of the main sources of Islamic theology.

Eliminating superstitions of the Islamic community by promoting the tradition of the Prophet Mohammad.

Promoting and consolidating the ethics of the Prophet in society.

A distinction between correct and incorrect hadiths and the narrations of hadiths.

Following the lineage of the Companions, and

The introduction of al-Rajal (allegory) and Alam al-Dareh in the Hadith.

Learning Objectives

Training of Academic Cadre for Islamic Universities.

Training Specialist Working Source for the education sector.

Training of committed cadres and specialist justice.

Training of professional instructors for religious schools.

Training of preachers, kites and technical staff for guidance, pilgrimage and endowments.

The training of Islamic invaders on the Prophet Muhammad and the way of the Prophet.

Training of Hadith Experts.

Subordinating targets in the near future.

Sending two members to the doctorate.

Sending three members of the curriculum to a master's degree program.

Developing of the Department to a Graduating Department.

Hiring four new Lecturers.

Equipping the department for books and supplies.

Hiring an office employee in this department.

Processing the lectures’ cadre files for scientific advancement.

Activating a journal in this department.

Paving the way for publishing the scientific works of the professors of this department.

Equipping classrooms with modern teaching materials.