Conclusion of strategic plan of administration and public policy department



Good governance, good administration and sustainable development



Changing of administration and public policy to one of the best national and regional faculty till 1415 equal to 2036 as from the point of educational-investigational view the mentioned faculty being responsive of the governmental institutions necessities, presenter of solution for government, parliament and policy-maker institutions at the level of country and region, and the mentioned faculty should be one of the best faculty of region.



Improving of academic level through recovery of learning process of students, increasing of educational and investigational activities and publishing of researches results for all region and world people through creating the academic-investigational journals and participation in national, regional and international academic-investigational conferences; also this faculty will consider 9 main pillars as composer of mission.

  1. Customers: Our customers are all the graduators of 12th class of high schools, institutions and governmental and non-governmental companies.
  2. Productions or services: Training the specialist young cadres and manpower based on the community necessities and regional and international competitions.
  3. Technology: We use the new academic, educational and investigational technologies to develop the academic level and incite the spirit of research and education between teachers and students.
  4. Paying attention to survive, growth and profitability: We try to make the student ready for free and competitive market which also includes the world challenges and requirements. And in this case we do not ignore the continuous improvement of quality and its assurance.
  5. Philosophy: Education, training and development of humanitarian capitals are the most important value and existential philosophy.
  6. Privileged features: We are looking for delivering the qualified services in the field of education and research and production of science.
  7. Paying attention to people imagination: This faculty feels itself as responsive over young of the country and tries to achieve the wishes of the people over training of manpower, and presents the specialized, committed, honest and responsible young to community.
  8. Paying attention to employees: This faculty considers its employees as the most important capital and tries to provide a dynamic, entrepreneur and innovative environment along with understanding and friendship through fulfilling the developmental programs, paving the ground for continuance of education in inside and outside of the country, paying attention to their useful ideas and opinions, and appreciating the employees.
  9. Market: The faculty strives to develop the knowledge level and skills of students, to introduce educate students to the community to be honest and powerful at work environment and this will encourage the other demander of conquer to select this field at the level of city, provinces and region.



  1. Research and production of science
  2. Education though science transformation
  3. Make the science practical
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Participatory management


  1. Reaching to perfection over fulfilling the activities and duties
  2. Observing the kindness principle with others
  5. Being responsible

This faculty encourages the teachers, students, employees, educated persons and all stratums of community to accept these values to make the better and nicer environment.

General activities and working area of administration and public policy department:

We can frame the activities of this faculty in format of scientific-academic activities and administrative activities.

  • Scientific-academic activities:

The scientific-academic activities of the faculty purify in three following sections:

  1. Academic seminars and conference

In continuation of main mission which is training of academic experienced cadre in order to administration and public policy, the faculty considers to product the science through holding of scientific and academic seminars and delivering of scientific articles. For this purpose the following scientific seminars hold by teachers of the faculties and some of the other seminars are about to start.

  • Presenting the scientific articles under the name of good governance to Serbia country by Pohaidoi Sayed Farhad “Shahidzada”.
  • Presenting the scientific articles under the name of the impacts of free market economy system on local development during last decade in Afghanistan to Hungary country by Pohialai Firooz “Jahani”.
  • Holding the scientific-academic seminar of reformation in administration and public policy at the level of Herat University by cooperation of the teachers of POTESDAM University of Germany country.
  • Holing the scientific-academic seminar of strategic planning for heads and directors of departments of different faculties of Herat University with cooperation of teachers of POTESDAM University of Germany country.
  • Scientific seminar of public procurement management, methods and dominant principles on procurement process in governmental offices of Afghanistan for provincial heads of SARA MIASHT organization by Mr. Pohialai Farhan.
  • Scientific seminar of administrative performances and communications management by Ms. Pohialai Waqfi
  • Scientific seminar of citizenship right by Mr. Pohialai Kharadwarz Joya
  • Scientific and training seminar of leadership, good governance and governmental procurement management for employees and directors of different areas of Herat municipality by Mr. Pohialai Kharadwarz Joya.
  • Scientific seminar of good governance was held at the level of dignitaries of the government by Mr. Pohailai Jamshidi.
  • Scientific and training seminar of human rights and gender violence by Pohialai Salar “Rahimi”
  • Helping over preparation of lessoning curriculum of administration and public policy faculty of Afghanistan with coordination of respective Ministry of Higher Educations.
  • Three-day academic workshop of strategic planning for heads and directors of different departments of Herat University, universities and private institutes of higher educations by Mr. Phohialai Jamshidi.
  • Training workshop of filing management and casing for administrative employees of Herat University by Pohialai Farhan.
  • Training workshop of essay writing for students of administration and public policy faculty by Ms. Pohanmal Mothtarzada.
  • Training workshop of the legal position of employees of civil services for administrative employees of Herat University by Mr. Pohialai Farhan.
  • Other cases.
  1. Creation of departments and committees:

The office of faculty has established different working committees and departments for specializing the administration knowledge and good governance and preparations of useful policies for governmental offices and people. The triple departments of this faculty include public administration department, public policy department and development management department and also different working committees.

  1. Academic communications:

For implementation of better strategic plan of administration and public policy and consideration of vision of faculty which is as follow: “Standard and prestigious faculty considering the academic principle and to be a better model between administration and public policy faculties of Afghanistan”. The focus is on excellence of this faculty than other administration and public policy faculties of Afghanistan which this organization (Administration and public policy faculty of Herat university) has academic and practical relationship with other national and international institutions and this relationship will caused that the mentioned institutions will cooperate us over achievement on the long-term goals. Although the level of these cooperation get asses based on the capabilities of the cooperators over achievement of goals of administration and public policy faculty. Generally there are some national and international institutions which this faculty could has plans and programs over their cooperation and use their resources. The relationships of the faculty can be assessed in different level.





At the level of Herat university:

The administration and public policy faculty as an independent faculty in Herat University has some relationships with other different faculties such as law and Political Science, Economy, Engineering, Social Sciences, Islamic Studies, Literature and Human Science, and other faculties.


At the level of Herat province:

The faculty has some activities with different institutions such as private institutions of higher educations, Herat governor palace, provincial council, administrative reformation independent committee (West zone), municipality department, finance department, economy department, anti-criminal crimes department, and also international institutions such as GIZ organization, HELP German organization, Italian Cooperation organization, UNDP organization, Integrity Watch organization and other institution in the field of good governance.


At the level of the country:

The administration and public policy faculty of Herat University has some relationships with all administration and public policy faculties of different universities of the country.


At international level:

This faculty has academic relationships with foreign different institutions such as public policy institute of Ankara – Republic of Turkey, public policy institute of Delhi – India country, POTESDAM university of Germany country, conferences international center of administration and public policy, and fight financial corruption academy of Austria country.


Relationships of the faculty with national and international institutions

Map available

  • Administrative activities:
  • Establishment of specialized library of administration and public policy.
  • Creation of an archive and record center to keep the administrative document and curriculum vitas of teachers and students.
  • Creation of internship center for students of fourth year.
  • Setting up the computer lab to pave the ground for teachers and students to have researches.
  1. Capacity building:

The office of the faculty always tries to pave the ground of scientific-academic capacity building for teachers and students. For this purpose the faculty provides the participation of teachers in workshops, scientific seminars and coaching programs in inside and outside of the country as well, such as:

  • Training coaching of administration and public policy in institute of administration and public policy of Delhi – India (Three-day period).
  • Training coaching of administration and public policy in institute of administration and public policy of Ankara – Turkey (Three-day period).
  • Coaching and scientific seminar of research methodology in Kabul – Capital of the country.
  • Training coaching and training seminar of political science in Kabul – Capital of the country
  • Also this faculty tried to present some seminars at the level of Herat faculties for heads and different department directors based on its mission. For this purpose the academic seminar under the name of “Who to make strategic planning” held on fall session of the year 1393 equal to 2014.

Note: The professional departments are such department which can graduate the student in bachelor’s degree and the non-professional departments are such department which can’t graduate the student in bachelor’s degree.

Identifications of administrative authorities and directors of faculty departments:

  • Pohanyar Abdul Wali “Jamshidi”, Head of faculty
  • Pohialai Mohammad Asef “Atayee”, Deputy of faculty
  • Pohialai Nilofar “Waqfi”, Director of public administration
  • Pohialai Mina “Hashemi”, Director of development management department


 Phone calls: 0093 799129530 – 0093 790823322

Telephone call: 0093 (040) 2258383


Address: Complexe of Herat University, Faculty of administration and public policy