Department of Painting

Simultaneously with the establishment of Fine Arts Faculty, the department of painting was established in 1988. Passing the time there were a series of activities to make better the quality ofteaching in this department, so many positive changes can be seen in developing the level of the teachers’ education and methods of teaching for thestudents, now a day.

Presently there are 12 lectures in the departments which are 7 males and 5 females. The curriculum has been frequently updated by the lectures based on the needs of time for students.

Department of Miniature

This department was established and started its activities in 2003 into the frame of Faculty of Fine Arts-Herat University. Passing the time, the department has reached many steps toward the betterment of the quality of Herat Miniature. At present, the department of Miniature includes 9 Lecturers which are 5 males and 4 females.

Department of Graphic

Under the license of Ministry of Higher Education, the department of Graphic was established and started its activities in 2011. Presently there are 7 lectures in the departments who are holding the scientific positions of Pohandoy, Pohanmal, Pohanyar and Pohyalay.

Since establishment, this department has put efforts to approach a criterial quality in teaching and instruction the students and match the academic standards.

worldwide System of Credit and curriculum approved by the ministry of Higher education has been implemented at this department.

Considering short time passed since its establishment, this department has done many activities such as holding several individual and group exhibitions. First round of graphic graduates has been presented to the society in 2014. There are a professional library, a workshop for hand printing, a computer lab and classrooms for theory and practical lessons.

Lectures of this department are members of University Scientific Council, Faculty Scientific Council, Research Committee, Discipline Committee and commission for Launching exhibitions.

every year new students are attracted through University Entrance Exam and especial exam for Behzad Professional Institute, held by Ministry of Higher education.