Department of International Relations

This department was established in 2008 within the framework of the Faculty of Law and Political Science. In this branch of political science, diplomacy is intended to interact with international organizations, and the goal is to educate professionals who are well versed in day-to-day issues and international developments while familiarizing with Afghanistan's positions in international organizations. Designated objective (Department of Law and Political Affairs) of the Law and Political Science faculty has also trained professionals in the fields of international law, principles of international relations, global politics, globalization, foreign policy and its tools for securing national benefits. Students of this department will be employed after the completion of eight semesters (four academic years) at the institutions related to their field of study (often at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Currently, the department has (6) academic staff.

 Scientific goals

1.      To carry out scientific-research for the promotion of professional knowledge in the field of political science and international relations

2.      Training professionals in the field of international relations

3.      Efforts to promote the principles of international relations

4.      Compliance the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education

5.      Matching the credit system and the effort to standardize the system

6.      Search for practical ways to establish a constructive relationship with the institutions involved in foreign policy and the implementation of foreign policy of the country, international organizations and foreign political representations in Afghanistan.

7.       Search for possible ways to attract scientific cooperation from national and international institutions.

8.      Conduct seminars, conferences, simulations and scientific discourses.