Department of Criminal Law

This department was recently established in 2014 under the Ministry of Higher Education within the framework of the Faculty of Law and Political Science. Crime is one of the most disruptive phenomenons in society. In order to prevent the occurrence of crimes and to implement the guarantee of the performances on the offense committed, the legislators have established rules. This field of the faculty recognizes law, crimes and punishments at national and international levels for law students, and students, with these skills, can carry out professional work in institutions such as the Attorney General's Office, the courts, defense lawyers, and other relevant departments. This department has (5) members of the scientific staff.

Scientific goals:

1.      Develop a standard curriculum for responding to educational needs and demands of applicants for criminal law and criminal science.

2.      Improving the quality of teaching and research with the active participation of professors and students in the production of legal and professional knowledge taking into account the needs of Afghan society.

3.      Increase access to justice.

4.      Participation in the accreditation and quality assurance system in order to ensure the academic quality of the research and the usefulness of the relevant programs of the Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences Dept..

5.      Provide scientific-legal research fields for advancement of knowledge and application of legal issues.

6.      Implement the bill and credit system.

7.      Co-operation to ensure and enforce the rule of law culture, provide necessary and practical advice to relevant judicial and legal entities.

8.      Creating an academic environment in which debate and critique, criticism and constructive critique of commonly accepted criteria are accepted.

9.      Educating students as bright, responsible, and critical citizens, has the necessary capacity and ideas based on social commitment, tolerance and mutual respect.