Department of National Economy

The importance of acquiring Knowledge of economics as one of the branches of the social sciences is rooted in the ever-increasing needs of humanity due to scarce resources. Strengthening the economic sectors in a country guarantees growth and development and leads to the well-being and improvement of the living standards of its people. Because economic growth requires economic education and knowledge, in many societies and countries, reputable universities devote themselves to in-depth research and study of economics. The need for economic education in every society, both developed and developing, is palpable, especially in our country Afghanistan, which is a developing country. Faculty of Economics of Herat University established the Department of National Economy in 2004 as a scientific center in the field of economic affairs research, by bringing together young and experienced cadres in the field to educate the younger generation and enthusiasts of economics.

The Department of Economic Affairs intends to take an effective step towards training the country's workforce in accordance with the Islamic culture model using committed and experienced faculty members. In this regard, it seeks to improve the quality of education by relying on God and believing in the abilities and talent of faculty members, staff, students. Based on aforementioned things, it is expected that the National Economy department will acquire a prestigious position in the country in the coming years.


      The Department of National Economy is committed to continuously plan, monitor, and evaluate human resources training to develop education and improve community health and community-based economic efficiency. The National Economy Department is ready to meet its goals and outlook. The needs of the community will continue to be with its experienced teachers, and teaching resources and research. The mission of this department is to strive to achieve a successful academic curriculum and to promote academic activities in the community.

Key values

• Preserving the principles of human dignity in line with religious, cultural, and national beliefs in all respects

• Promotion of economic knowledge based on global and indigenous standards

• Developing a culture of professional ethics in economic matters

• Educating committed, capable, and motivated graduates

• Modernizing education, and discovering creative talent

• Using a dedicated, experienced, and serving academic staff

Objectives of the Department of National Economy

Goals related to academic strategy

• To provide students with the highest possible level of academic and educational services

• Provide educational opportunities for individual growth in the department

• Promotion of Academic Degrees and Academic Rank of Department of Professors

• The most sophisticated equipment and technology available

Objectives related to the research strategy

• Upgrading students' analytical and research abilities

• Promote departmental, scientific research and promotional activities

Goals related to the strategy of the department's role in society

• Providing opportunities for the active presence of institutions, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the department

• Developing scientific, educational and research cooperation with relevant centers at the provincial and country level

Goals related to human resource management strategy

• Promoting a culture of rule of law and regulation

• Promoting and use an effective evaluation system

• Improving human resource management with an emphasis on recruitment, retention, and development