Department of Enterprise Economics

The Department of Enterprise Economics was established at Herat University in 1992 due to the need of the community for the skilled labor market.  Since manufacturing and service enterprises are an integral part of each country's economy, their improvement and development can have profound impact on the economic growth and development of the country. Students’ need to acquire management knowledge and the vacuum felt by senior and middle managers became the main impetus for the establishment of a tenure-track degree in economics at Herat University.


The vision of the Department of Enterprise Economics makes it distinguished from other enterprise economics departments. The vision of this department is:

Training and increasing the knowledge of specialists and professionals in the management of small enterprises at the national level.


The Department of Enterprise Economics, in the light of the foregoing perspective, incorporates its existential philosophy and activity into a specific mission. The mission statement of the Department of enterprise economics addresses the key factors in responding to the needs and key issues of both internal and external stakeholders.

• Preparing the specialized human resources needed by the country to manage public and private enterprise affairs

• Scientific cooperation in the implementation of strategic and operational plans for administrative and management affairs of public and non-governmental institutions.

• Quantitative and qualitative improvement of educational services for applicants in accordance with national and international standards

• Production of knowledge and knowledge in management and administrative affairs

• Teaching and learning

• Promoting the use of large-scale scientific achievements in the office and office system in a practical and theoretical way

• Collaboration and exchange of information with all departments at the university level, universities at the university level and higher.


Key values

       The Department emphasizes a number of key values, focusing on achieving its goals, objectives, and completing its mission and vision. The key values that our department is committed to adhering to are:

Professionalism and meritocracy

• Commitment and responsibility

• Innovation in academic and research activities

•  Attention to comprehensive quality management in all departments

• Emphasis on the spirit of belief, cooperation, and group work



Goals & Objectives

Macro Goals: These departmental goals include the four strategic axes of education, research, community engagement, and human resources management:

Goals related to academic strategy

• Providing academic and academic services at the highest possible level for students and other financial and banking applicants.

• Providing educational opportunities for individual growth in the department

• Providing opportunities and opportunities for the promotion of academic levels and the academic rank of faculty members

• Providing a master's degree in Human Resource Management and Management

• Benefiting from the most sophisticated equipment and technology in the field of education

Objectives related to the research strategy

• Improving the level of analytical and research abilities of faculty members and students

• Promoting appropriate promotional, scientific and research activities in the fields of Enterprise Economics

• Attaining strategic goals related to the role of community in society

• Maintaining and upgrading the department's position to a credible scientific-practical reference for the country's tenants

• Providing opportunities for the active participation of institutions, entrepreneurs and professionals in the scientific, research and practical activities of the Department

• Making attempts to develop scientific, academic, and research collaborations with relevant centers

Goals related to HRM (Human Resources Management) strategy

• Deepening the culture of abiding by the rule of law and regulations among the academic and administrative staff of the Department

• Promoting and using an effective evaluation system in the teaching, scientific and administrative affairs of faculty members

• Strengthening human resource management by emphasizing the recruitment, retention, and development of the specialist personnel needed.

Objectives on The Role of the Department in Academia and Society

  • Potential capacity to expand cooperation with the environment
  • Appropriateness of academic subjects and scientific topics on responding to the growing trend of industry and management of public and private enterprises in the country