Department of Islamic Laws

he Department of Islamic Solidarity is one of the most distinguished departments of the Shari'a faculty of the University of Herat, which started its activities in 1962 at the same time as the Shari'a Faculty. This department has 17 professors to promote Islamic content at the university level.

Goals and plans of Islamic Law

Teaching Islamic Law in all faculties of Herat University.

 Conducting practical research on various religious, social and economic issues.

Spreading culture of moderation and other virtues among the youth and religions of the Islamic world.

Academic and academic questions to the religious questions of youth.

Efforts to explain religious norms and explain them to the language of science and transcendental culture.

Promoting Islamic culture among young people and eliminating the works of foreign and non-Islamic cultures.

Tailoring students to purely religious information on issues such as the rights of parents, women, couples, children, elderly, neighbors and non-Muslim individuals living in Islamic society.

Attempts are being made to eliminate the monotony thoughts, extremes that the Islamic world is suffering from.

Islamic dissertation departments topics.

The subjects of this department taught at the Faculties of Herat University are as follows.

First semester: Islamic worldview.

Second semester: The Philosophy of Worship in Islam.

Third Semester: The Philosophy of Ethics in Islam.

Fourth semester: Political System in Islam.

Fifth Semester: Social System in Islam.

Sixth Semester: Islamic Civilization.

Seventh Semester: The Qur'an and Contemporary Scientific Advances.

Eighth semester: Islamic Ephemeral History.