History of Language and Literature Humanities Faculty

As Herat University, Faculty of Language Literature and Humanities was established in 1988, and as a first faculty of Herat University has a historical and top position.  Right now, it has five departments; Dari Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Arabic Language and Literature, Pashto Language and Literature, and German Language and Literature.

Understanding of the cultural and literary values ​​of the country in the past and present centuries, knowledge of how bright country's culture and literature and transfer it to the future generations, education of the youth of the country in order to know more about the culture and the culture of this area, access to the fields of research, critique and the study of classic and contemporary literature, the familiarity of the poets and literature of the civilized countries of the world, the strengthening of national languages, and the learning of the language ​​and literature ​of other nations of the world including Arabic, English and German are all included in the goals of the Faculty of Language and Literature Humanities of Herat University.

The faculty has a specialized library with a number of 7,000 volumes in terms of language, literature, dictionary, and historical texts. Of course, special libraries have also been established at the level of each department, which most professors have access to. Another library related to the Dari Master's program is prepared for the lecturers and students of master’s program.

The following committees are active in the Faculty of Language and Literature Humanities Sciences:

1. Scientific Council of the Faculty

2. Scientific Research Committee

3. Publishing Committee

4. Examination Committee

5. The Committee on Order and Discipline

6. Quality Assurance Committee

7. Scholarship Committee

Stratigict plan




Phone number of Faculty office: 0093402256769

Phone number of Dean of the faculty: 0093798591970

Email: khusrawi2004@yahoo.com   

Address: Herat University Complex, North Side, Rudaki Street, Faculty of Language and Literature Humanities