Summary of the Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities


The faculty of Literature and Humanities has included its activities in terms of its mission and vision, according to its perspective and philosophy of existential. The Faculty Mission Statement addresses the important factors of needs replication and issues of key stakeholders (internal and external):

  • Preparation of specialist personnel required for the cultural and religious arenas of the country.

  • Scientific and cultural cooperation with institutions, foundations and cultural associations.

  • The quantitative and qualitative improvement of educational services for applicants, observing national and international standards.

  • The faculty and staff celebrate the cultural values ​​and scientific achievements of the Faculty.

  • By knowledge and skills, elites and students are responsible in the development of Afghanistan and world.

  • There is an insight into the faculty, staff, students, collaborative efforts to achieve public views to attain preponderance.

  • The active participation of all departments in collaborating on developing programs to strengthen the faculty view in this strategy plan

Perspectives and Vision

Establish the position of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities as the major center in the literary field of the West region and its prominent role in the development of literary and cultural developments until 2018, in accordance with the Strategic Plan of the Faculty.

Key Values

The Department of Literature and Humanities has relied on a number of key values ​​in order to formulate and define its organizational goals, expectations and standards, and put these values ​​at the top of its plans and practices. The key values ​​that the Faculty of Literature and Humanities is committed to observes are:

  • Specialization and meritocracy

  • Commitment and accountability

  • Initiative and innovation in academic and research activities

  • Attention to quality in all dimensions and activities

  • Emphasize the spirit of cooperation and teamwork


These goals of the faculty go around four level of strategic educational, research, community engagement and human resource management are as follows:           

Social sciences want to comprehend the multifaceted human and multi-dimensional man with a comprehensive knowledge of society. Highlighting is cultural symbols by providing and facilitating ways to achieve excellence through the simplification of life and the transition from biological features to social settings.

The Faculty of Literature and Humanities, with its departments of Dari Language and Literature, Pashto language and literature, foreign languages ​​(English, Arabic, German) is moving in such a direction. It also pursues the following objectives in the fields of knowledge development, culture and specialization:

  • Achieve scientific, professional and specialized self-sufficiency, moving towards knowledge reproduction, creating new and capable academic capacities and improving the level of knowledge of graduates for effective activities.

  • To pursue the yesterday and today's society angles, to understand the currents of the country, to recognize the genuine and false currents, to strengthen and expand the relations of brotherhood and cooperation, to eliminate bias and stratification, and to find the right ways to achieve Excellence to be tracked.

  • Quantitative and qualitative promotion of the faculty of literature and humanities, scientific, professional and specialized guidance for students to find the necessary capabilities for sustained growth and development, with due regard to the Afghanistan National Development Strategy.

Postgraduate Program (Master’s Degree)

In the Department of Dari, Master's Board has been commissioned by the Minister of Higher Education for teaching the Master's degree in 2014/7/10 according to the statement No. 4295/3055, whose scientific activities have been officially launched since 2014/2/10. The first graduates of this program, 21 students, were introduced to the community in 2017.

The academic board members of this program are qualified professors, as follows:

  1. Maestro Mohammad Naser Rahiab, Head of the Faculty

  2. Dr. Mohammad Davoud Monir, Faculty Member

  3. Dr. Ahmad Ghani Khosravi Faculty Member

  4. Dr. Professor Salahuddin Jami Faculty Member

  5. Professor Fazlur Rahman Faqih Faculty Member