The Herat University administrative meeting

Mon, Nov 28 2022 1:30 PM

The Herat University administrative meeting was held with the presence of Prof, Abdul Aziz Nomani Chancellor of Herat University, Prof, Rahim Bakhsh Faqiryar head of Lecturers’ Affairs, and superintendent of Academic deputy, deans of faculties and other lecturers at the university.
The meeting started with the recitation of some verses from Holly Quran and then Prof, Abdul Aziz Nomani Chancellor of Herat University while welcoming the participants, talked about the position and role of Herat University and asked all authorities and lecturers to do their best for the bright future of this academic institution.
The Chancellor of Herat University once again emphasized on the relations between the academic centers and religious schools and asked the participants of the meeting to share their ideas about this issue.
In continuing, the members of the meeting vowed all-around cooperation with the Herat University’s officials, and offered their ideas and opinions, and at the end, they took the necessary decisions.

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Tue, Nov 28 2023 12:59 AM
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Collecting data from the cluster type sesame plant under is the progress at the research and educational farm of the faculty of Agriculture.

The sampling of the fourth-year students of the Agronomy Department of the Agriculture Faculty from plants in the agriculture research farm was conducted under the guidance of Aziz. . .

Sun, Nov 05 2023 1:50 AM
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Supervision of the road paving process of Herat University

Mullah Anamullah Anam, Vice-chancellor of Finance and Administration of Herat University, and Mohammad Ajmal Sanzar, Head of the University's Procurement, along with the engineers from. . .

Sun, Nov 05 2023 1:47 AM
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Strategic Plan meeting

With the presence of Professor Dr. Mohammad Yousef Amini, reviewer of the Ministry of Higher Education, Associate Professor Rahim Bakhsh Faqiryar, Head of Instructors Affairs, Associate. . .