Faculty of economics, with the purpose of educating and training professional cadres in economic and management fields, has been established in the frame of Herat University in 1990. For success and sustainability in a dynamic and volatile environment, an organizations needs to have clear perspective and plans in the future. Therefore in order to fulfill the aforementioned purpose and empowering the role and position of the faculty in the academic society, preparing and compilation a strategic plan is one of most important needs. Based on the special geographical location of Herat province, extension and development of scientific and academic activities of the faculty, quantitatively and qualitatively, can have significant impacts and effects on the country’s economy and academic society.

The faculty has four departments including Macroeconomic, Business Administration, Financed & Banking and Trade Departments. In addition, faculty’s academic research & quality control center, academic council, lecturer council, discipline committee and exam committee also work under the frame of faculty. As of Feb 2015, 756 students are being lectured by 22 academic Cadres and 7 more professors are gaining their PhD degree in Germany, Turkey and Iran countries. Since its foundation, 1620 students have graduated and have entered to the country’s labor market as economy and management professionals. The Faculty of Economics and Management is going to start the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program and Associate Degree in Business Administration in 2017 with cooperation of USAID.