Herat University’s Faculty of Economics was established in 1989 in line with the needs of Afghan society. The faculty was part of the development plan of the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan. The first graduates of this faculty joined the workforce in 1994. The number of students currently studying at the three departments of the national economy, enterprise economics, and banking is currently 650. The faculty consists of 22 professors, six of whom are studying for a Ph.D. In Germany, Turkey, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.


In its mission statement, the Department of Economics has focused on meeting the needs of society and other key internal and external issues.

  • Preparing a specialist human capital needed by the country in the fields of economics and management
  • Academic cooperation in the implementation of the development plans of the country with the relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions
  • Quantitative and qualitative improvement of educational services for applicants in accordance with national and international standards
  • Production of knowledge
  • Teaching and learning
  • Promote the use of large-scale scientific achievements in the country in a practical and theoretical way
  • Collaborate and exchange information with all academic centers outside the University research


Promoting the status of Faculty of Economics of Herat University and making it stand out among other economics faculties.

Fundamental values

The Department of Economics relies on a number of key and important values to formulate and define its organizational goals, expectations, and performance metrics, placing them at the forefront of its plans and practices. The key values that the university is committed to adhering to are:

• Professionalism and meritocracy

• Commitment and responsibility

• Innovation in academic and research activities

• Attention to quality in all dimensions and activities

• Emphasis on  the spirit of collaboration and group work

Goals and Objectives

The major goals of this program encompass four strategic areas of education, research, community engagement, and human resource management:

• Providing top-level academic services to potential applicants and students.

• Provide educational opportunities for individual growth in the university

• Promotion of academic standards and rank of university professors

• Providing master’s degree education for graduates

• Acquiring the most advanced educational equipment and technology available

Objectives Related to Research Strategy

• Improving the standard of analytical and research capabilities

• Promotion of scientific and academic activities appropriate to the departments of the university

Goals Related to The Strategy of the Role of the Faculty In Society

• Maintaining and promoting the social status of the university

• Providing opportunities for active participation of institutions, entrepreneurs and professionals in the university

• Developing scientific, educational and research cooperation with relevant centers at the provincial and country level

Goals related to HRM (Human Resources Management) strategy

• Deepening the culture of rule-of-law and regulation

• Promoting and utilization of an effective assessment system

• Promote HRM with emphasis on recruitment, retention, and development

Academic Affiliations

The Economics Department of Herat University has been affiliated with the German University of Ruhr Bochum since 2002, which has resulted in twelve of our teachers getting their masters in Germany. Five of them are currently pursuing their Ph.D. There are also potential opportunities for the faculty’s professors to pursue a doctorate in the future. It is noteworthy that the University of Economics has been able to equate its curriculum with international standards. The Faculty has also recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Office of the USWDP (University Support and Human Resources Strengthening Program), which will jointly implement programs to strengthen human resources with us. According to the Memorandum of Understanding, the Faculty of Economics will be able to launch a Master's Degree Program from 2017 for Business Administration students as well as establish a community college.

Equipment and Facilities of the Faculty

Computer Lab

The Faculty has a computer lab consisting of 48 computers. The computers are managed and maintained by the faculty’s students. The lecturers use this center to teach statistics, accounting, and specialized computer programs.


At the beginning of its activities, the Library of Economics had about 3,000 volumes of books on economics, management, and accounting and has been working tirelessly to enrich it.  Currently, it has reached about 7,500 volumes and the necessary study facilities are available.

Academic Research Center

Early in the year 2104, Herat University's Economic Science Research Center started to work on promoting international economics knowledge, especially at the national level and conducting community-based applied research and development studies under the guidance of the Honorable Ministry of Higher Education. The Scientific Research Center works to develop specific procedures for conducting assigned tasks and better academic research inside and outside the university by professors, students, and researchers.

Quality Assurance Committee

The Faculty’s Quality Assurance Committee has been established in the framework of Herat University as a Subcommittee on Quality Assurance with three members, in accordance with the requirements of the authorities in 2012 to improve the quality of higher education in this institution. During the past two years, activities based on the committee's stated goals have been implemented.

University building and classroom

The Herat University Complex has a separate building for the Faculty, which currently houses a number of rooms and classrooms for Science Faculty. All of its classrooms are equipped with a projector and cooling and heating facilities are available for the classes of professors’ rooms.