Directorate of Lecturers and Information Bank

This department performs its assigned tasks in accordance with the bill of duties in the following section.

Academic supervision and promotion of professors, academic ranking, numbers and statistics, short and long-term scholarships (Ph.D and Master’s Degree), sending professors’ list of contents, organizing personnel cases, organizing admissions and inquiry, committee meetings, sending committees decisions to relevant authorities, sending dissertation professors inclusion in the academic cadre, co-ordinate academic affairs, educate and regulate professors, and provide information to competent authorities, maintain faculty records, arrange the formation of faculty members and sending and mailing letters to the department, and etc…..  

This department has two public administrations as following:

Expert academic promotion of professors in order to develop the promotion of academic promotion of professors, and other issues regarding professor affairs

It considers the general management of professors’ professional development and quality assurance, which is responsible for organizing faculty workshops, seminars, scholarships, and other academic issues.

This department plans to arrange the professors’ archives in a standardized manner and to provide comprehensive information databases for professors to fill in the criteria and vacancies at the respective faculties.

Herat University has 16 faculties with 70 departments in different fields. In 2019, there are 436 professors and lecturers working there that 29 of them hold Ph.D, 218 Master’s Degree, and 189 Bachelor’s degrees. Based on their academic positions, there are 8 Pohands, 8 Pohanwals, 32 Pohandoys, 91 Pohanmals, 182 Pohanyars, 19 Pohanyar and Pohiyalay’s Candidates.