Department Of Development Management

Development management involves designing and building the physical and organizational structures necessary for economic and social development, equipping and allocating resources, and mobilizing financial and human resources. In the management of the development of the required structures, they were often called infrastructure units that were successively developing industrialization, efficient management of the country's economic affairs, developing natural resources, improving transport and communication systems, and reforming the educational system. On this basis, the formation of this department in the framework of the Faculty of Public Administration was established on the basis of the letter of 1182 dated 2015 by the Financial and Administrative Department, which is the teaching and research officer in the field of the above mentioned issues. On the basis of the meeting No. 1 dated 3/8/1394 at the Development Management Department, Ms. Mina Hashemi was appointed as the Head of the Department and all Respected Mr. Jahani, Mr. Ataee, Mr Barakzai as the members of the Department. This department has absorbed a new member on 2015 with a degree in Doctor's Degree.


1. . Active participation in the production of management knowledge by participating in the training of highly qualified and knowledgeable cadres on Afghanistan issues

2.. Promote the level of professors' knowledge through their deployment in order to complete short-term and long-term programs (master's and doctor's degrees)

3. . To institutionalize the implementation of the credit system in order to create ease of training for professors and students, in order to enhance their professional knowledge.

4. . Criterion of curriculums based on the needs of the Afghan community and accepted international standards.

5.. Collaborate on expanding internship programs to apply the science of management and familiarize students with the administrative and management challenges facing the community.

Future Programs:

1.. Update Curriculum and Mortar in accordance with the needs and standards in the recent academic year.

2. . Effort to provide Curriculum for department and change it to graduate department

3. . Collaborate to establish a research center with other departments and faculty leadership.

4. . Deploying professors to scholarships (master's degree and doctoral degrees) according to the time division and departmental need

5. . Conducting scientific, local and national conferences, and providing faculty members and students with scientific conferences in other countries

As a result, with the implementation of the above programs and the achievement of the goals we expect, based on the strategy of the Ministry of Higher Education, and the University of Herat and the Faculty of Public Policy and Administration, the Development Management Department can, within a five-year period, be one of the main components of this educational institution To the Science Production Center, to conduct research programs and provide standard educational services for students in undergraduate degrees