Biography of Noor Ali Mohmand acting dean of Veternary Sciences Faculty

Noor Ali son of Ali Akbar was born in a religious family of Herat in 1984. He got his elementary and secondary education at Jamoriat High School of Shindad District at Herat in 2001.  He started his higher education by joining Department of Veternary at Agriculture Faculty of Herat University in 2002. Accomplishing his bachelor’s degree successfully,  he became a faculty member in 2006.

Noor Ali Mohmmand earned and completed his master’s degree from University of Karnataka in Bangalore India in 2010. Then he got his doctorate form Univeristy of Mezaki in Japan in 2018. He published more than 14 academic and research-based papers in different journals. he became acting dean of Veternary Faculty in 2018.