The Summary of Strategic Plan of Engineering Faculty


The engineering faculty mission is manifested in building a dedicated and committed generation that will be the flagship and leader of the country's construction and development. A generation that builds and rebuilds home and home of the country.

Undoubtedly, a defined mission is required to try in two different dimensions. Firstly, in the theoretical dimension, it should be taught with limited teaching and use of authoritative sources and the use and transfer of such successful international intellectual developmental ideas. Secondly, using practical applications, laboratory works, field visits, etc., the theoretical knowledge acquired was developed to provide professional engineering knowledge.

Engineering Faculty is seeking to apply more and more theoretical sciences in this field and through the use of theoretical and practical teaching in an effort to be a leading generation in the field of construction in the country.


The engineering faculty's view for the year 1400 is as follows

The Faculty is a well-developed and quality structure, an active member of the country's rebuilding, an elite and renowned academic degree in the country, leading the production and dissemination of science and knowledge, an example of self-reliance and internal coherence, and a reliable name for employers.

Fundamental values

The most important values that the Engineering Faculty pays attention for them are the following.

• Leading in the production and dissemination of engineering knowledge

 • Structural development in accordance with community needs

 • Quality control

 • Transparency in various fields

 • Avoid any discrimination 

Goals and objectives

1. Education of a committed and expert generation in order to meet the country's reconstruction and development needs.

2. To play an active and prominent role in the reconstruction and development of the country through the development of the necessary human resources

3. Response to the requirements of the country's day by creating new departments such as water resources management, geological and mining and energy

4. Improve the capacity of the Faculty Members through various Memoranda of Understanding

 5. Promote the quality of the faculty through the creation of a permanent exhibition, the efforts to create an energy research farm, efforts to provide remote students with leeches, set up seminars and workshops

6. Promotion of the field of scientific research in the faculty through the implementation of the following programs: activation and continuous follow up of the Faculty of Science, establishment of research programs at the Faculty level, the establishment of joint scientific research with the professors of other universities (foreign and domestic) And continuous follow-up of individual teachers' plans through departments

7. The activation of faculty laboratories through efforts and prevention in order to use laboratories for all the needs that are necessary for the laboratory are among the objectives of the Faculty.

Academic Agreements

The Engineer Faculty already had an academic agreement with the University of Hartford in the United States when it had only its construction department, whereby all faculty members at the faculty included a master's degree at the university. The agreement also created mechatronics and architecture departments. In addition to the afore‐ mentioned agreement, the donations of hundreds of volumes of books and the provision of several laboratories to the Engineering Faculty were provided.

 Another agreement was signed between the Faculty of Engineering and the University of Bratislava in the city of Slavakia, where several of the professors underwent master's degree at that university. In addition, the University of Bratislava has also contributed to the engineering faculty laboratories.

Another agreement of the Faculty of Engineering was an academic agreement with the University of Florence in Italy. On the basis of this agreement, a number of faculty members went to Italy to complete master's degree in urban planning. Upon completion of the master's degree course, the Department of Urban Planning also joined the Engineering's Departments and also Florence University was also involved in the preparation of Faculty curriculum.