Strategic plan


"Good governance, administrative health and sustainable development"


The Faculty of Public Administration and Faculty converted to one of the best national and regional faculties until 1415 in a way that is educationally researching the needs of government agencies and providing a solution to the government, parliament and policy makers across the country and the region within the faculty.


Improving the level of knowledge by improving the learning process of students, increasing the level of educational and research activities, and disseminating the results of this research to the entire population of the region and the world through the creation of online scientific journals and participation in national, regional and international scientific-research conferences. The faculty considers 9 major components of the mission in its activities. 

1.. Customers: Our customers are all 12th grade graduates of high schools, governmental and non-governmental organizations and corporations.

2.. Products or services: training young specialist cadres, and manpower in accordance with community needs and regional and international competitions.

3. .Avery Technology: We use new scientific, educational, and research technologies to raise the level of science and stimulate the spirit of research and education among our faculty and students.

4. .Attention to Survival, Growth and Profitability: We strive to prepare our youth for a free and competitive market that addresses the challenges and demands of globalization, and in this case we will not overlook the continued improvement of quality and guarantee.

5.. Philosophy: Education, and development of human capital are our most important value and philosophy of our existence.

6.. Excellent Feature: We are looking for highly quality services in the field of education and research, knowledge production, and we try to equip our specialist with our full range of specialized expertise at the national and regional level.

7. .Attention to people's opinion: This faculty is responsible for its patriotism and seeks to meet the aspirations of the nation for the training of specialized human resources. And provide professional, committed, honest, accountable youth.

8. .Attention to staff: This faculty considers its staff as its most important asset, and seeks to focus on ideas and ideas that are useful to them by using methods such as implementing development plans, creating the conditions for continuing education internally and abroad. And appreciate the prominent staff of a dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative environment with understanding and friendship.

9. .Market: The faculty strives to raise the level of knowledge and skills of its students by delivering the students to work in an honest and capable manner, encouraging other applicants to choose this field in the city, provinces and Region.


1. Research and production of knowledge,

2. Learning through knowledge transfer,

3. Application of science,

4. Critical Thinking,

5 .. Collaborative management


Achieving the full accomplishment of activities and tasks,

Observe the principles of kindness with others,




The faculty encourages all segments of society and academics to accept these values ​​for a more youthful and beautiful environment for employees, professors, students and graduates.

Activities and areas of work of the Faculty of Public Administration and Policy

The activities of this faculty can be categorized in the form of scientific-academic activities and administrative activities.

A. Academic Activities

Academic Activities - Academic Faculty is divided into three separate sections as follows.

1 - .Scientific seminars and conferences

The faculty is committed to continuing its main mission, which is to educate well-trained cadres in public administration and policy, to work through scientific and academic seminars and presenting scientific articles to the production of science. For this purpose, the following scientific seminars are being organized by the faculty members of this faculty and some are under construction.

• The presentation of a scientific article entitled "Good governance in the country of Serbia" by Mr. Mehrdad Sayed Farhad Shahidzadeh.

The presentation of the scientific article entitled The Effects of Free Market Economy on Local Development over the past decade in Afghanistan in Hungary (Hungary) by Mr. Pohiyali Firuzzadeh

Holding a Scientific Seminar - Academic Reforms in Public Administration and Policy at Herat University, in collaboration with professors at the University of Potsdam, Germany.

Holding a Scientific Seminar - Academic Strategic Planning for Heads of different departments at Herat University, in collaboration with the professors of the University of Potsdam, Germany.

Scientific seminar on public procurement management, methods and principles governing the procurement process in Afghan government departments for Provincial Governorate of Afghanistan - by Mr. Pohiyali Farhan

Scientific Workshop on Administrative Execution and Communication Management - Mrs. Pohiyal Waqfi

Scientific seminar on citizenship rights - Honorable Pohiyali Khordorsz Joya

Scientific Seminar and Leadership Training, Good Governance and Government Procurement Management for Herat Workers and Head Officers - Honorable Pohiyali Khordorsz Joya

Scientific seminar on good governance held at the high level of provincial officials - Honorable Pohiyali Jamshidi.

Scientific and Educational Seminar on Human Rights and Gender Violence - Congratulations to Pohayali Salar Rahimi.

Assisting in the arrangement of curriculum and curriculum in the Faculty of Public Administration and Policy of Afghanistan, coordinated by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Six Days Scientific Workshop on Strategic Planning for Heads of Herat University Departments, Universities and Private Higher Education Institutions - Mr. Pohiyali Jamshidi

Workshop on file and file management for administrative staff of Herat University - Mr. Pohiyali Farhan

Workshop on the Principles of Writing for Students in the Faculty of Public Administration - Regarding Mokhtarzadeh

Educational workshop Legal status of civil servants for administrative staff of Herat University - Mr. Pohiyali Farhan

Other cases.

2. .Establishment of departments and committees

The department has been working to establish various departments and committees in order to effectively organize the knowledge of sound administration and governance and the construction of policies for government departments and the public. The three faculty departments include the Department of Public Administration, the Public Policy Department and the Department of Development Management, as well as various committees.

3. .Academic communication and networking

In order to better implement the Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Public Administration and Policy, and taking into account the faculty view, which is the ((Applied and Applicable) Faculty with a view to academic excellence and a superior model among the Faculty of Public Administration and Policy of Afghanistan) Of course, the focus on the superiority of this faculty is on a scale with the other Faculty of Public Administration Policy in Afghanistan. It is essential that this institution (Faculty of Public Administration and Policy of Herat University) has academic and applied relations with other national and international institutions achieving the long-term goals of this faculty and help them. Of course, the level of these collaborations is based on the capabilities that each partner can achieve in order to achieve the goals of the Faculty of Public Policy and Public Administration. There are, at the moment, a number of national and international institutions that this faculty can plan and collaborate with. Programing and using their resources Faculty communications can be studied at different levels.

At Herat University level

The Faculty of Public Policy and the Office of the Ministry of Public Health as an independent faculty at the University of Herat with various faculties, including law and political science, economics, engineering, social sciences, theology and Islamic sciences, literature and humanities, and other faculties.

At Herat Province level

Herat University faculty with various institutions such as Honorable Institutions of Private Higher Education, Provincial Reconciliation Authority, Provincial Council, Independent Administrative Reform Commission (West Zone), Honorable President of the Municipality, President of the Ministry of Economy, Honorable Commitment to Combat Bribery and corruption, as well as international organizations such as the GIZ Institute, the HELP Institute, the Italian Cooperation Office of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP / ASGP), the Observer Mission Integrity Watch) and other institutions that work well for good governance.


The Faculty of Public Administration and Policy of Herat University is nationally affiliated with all faculties of public administration policy at various universities of the country.


The faculty has links with various institutions outside the country's borders, including the Ankara Public Administration Institute, the Republic of Turkey (TODAEI), the Delhi Institute of Public Administration (India), the University of Potsdam, Germany, the International Conference Center Public Policy and Administration is the Austrian Academy for Combating Corruption

Faculty communication with national and international units and institutions