The program of studying in the Faculty of Veterinary Science is designed so that the graduates will be able to play an active and valuable role in the prevention, control and control of animal diseases, the provision of animal products and public health to pests and diseases caused by animals and their products. Finally, for those studying in this field of study, the field of recruitment and occupation of duty and service are available at the Department of Veterinary and Livestock of the Ministry of Agriculture; the work of animal disease control in the area, farms, quarantine stations, laboratories, artificial forging centers, private animal clinics, and private livestock farms; work on meat inspection in animal and poultry slaughterhouses; as well as ministries that deal with economic development, such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Commerce; in the Afghan Academy of Sciences; the Public Health Laboratory; the primary health centers of the Ministry of Public Health; the institutes and the Faculty of Agriculture. Similarly, the duties of the veteran in public health are as follows:

·         Production, Process, food products for human consumption of animal origin

·         Problems with the health of animals and other animal industries that involve eliminating animal futility

·         Detecting, tracking and controlling common diseases between humans and animals

·         Technical advice on human health from animal diseases

·         Investigating the identification of hazardous substances for humans of animal origin such as poisons toxins etc

·         High monitoring of experienced animals that are in public health research laboratories

·         Comparative studies on the epidemiology of non-infectious diseases in humans and animals through the effects of environments

·         Epidemiology as well as the exchange of research material between us

·          Food protection

·         Production and control of biological products such as vaccine, serums, anti-serums and so on

·         Assessment and control of drugs

·         Public health research, especially on reproductive physiology and fertility