Soil Science and Irrigation Department

The department of Soil Science and Irrigation was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in 2013 according to the request from Agriculture Faculty of Herat University on the need of educated people in this area of agriculture in Herat. In 2014, the academic board for the department was created, all the preliminary tasks were done and Since 2015, the department has been working in the faculty of agriculture at Herat University.

Objectives of Soil Science and Irrigation Department:

  • Train professionals on the area of Soil Science and Irrigation
  • Enhance students’ technical and professional skills on Soil Science and Irrigation
  • Build capacity on using agricultural fields economically
  • Enhance soil and water analyzing skills
  • Build capacity on effective use of agricultural soils and selection of plants according to soil’s fertility
  • Promotion of soil’s decomposition importance before plantation among farmers
  • Build capacity on proper use of chemical and organic fertilizers
  • Train professionals on the area of wormy composite, bio climate and use of effective microorganisms for soil fertility
  • Preparing facilities for laboratory decomposition of agricultural soil and consultation on the optimized usage of agricultural soil
  • Prepare a map indicating fertile lands of Herat by using GIS system
  • Research on Herat’s soil (provide profiles and soil’s classification)

Soil Science and Irrigation Department’s Facilities:

  • Equipped Laboratory
  • Research Farm

Area of Working:

The graduates of this department can work in Ministry of Agriculture, watering and livestock or in Agriculture administrations of provinces, the Ministry of Villages Development and its branches, Environment Administration, Agriculture Faculties, different universities and institutes, agriculture companies and finally they can establish soil and water analyzing labs.