Fine Arts Faculty Brief Strategic Plan

Herat is one of the biggest provinces in Afghanistan and it has been a cultural city in the past as well as now. Here are many potential talents in artistic field. Therefore, faculty of Fine Arts is supposed to train artists among the youth of the country and hereby provide professional artists for the Afghanistan’s society.


Herat is the city with a rich background in the field of art and culture and many artists were born and had grown here.  Nowadays, potential talents of its youth, who seek for art, can rehabilitate the shining background art of Herat.

Rehabilitation and relief of traditional arts with following of updated criteria in field of art, and globalization of Herat’s art, are some of preferences for faculty of Fine Arts. Concentrating on the mentioned vision, the faculty has set its strategic plan and is taking steps toward its implementation.

Fundamental values

Certainly art is able to bring positive changes in one’s life and so is able to motivate the society toward progress and development. The Faculty of Fine Arts addresses its values such as Positive Thinking, Humanitarian Living, Commitment and Social Responsibility.

Goals and Objectives

As a social need, art has been always considered in communities and is holding an especial position. Changes and movements into communities are possible through mental growth of the people. Art is one of the strong devices for mental, spiritual and emotional improving of the society. The path of artistic movements is a witness for this claim.

Afghanistan has been the birthplace and developer of the civilizations such as the Buddhist, the Kushans’, the Ghaznavid, the Ghurid, the Timurids and … during its 5 millenniums of history. 

Heart is one of key provinces of Afghanistan which can be a center for spreading of thoughts and changing culture through its especial geographical location.

Afghanistan’s art history proves that Herat has been the cradle of Timurid   civilization and the nucleus of worldwide and the center of interchange of the connoisseurs’ thoughts.

Taking into consideration that Heart’s people have enough interest and awareness toward art and its acceptance and there are potential and strong talents, so establishment of Fine arts Faculty is recognized as confirmed necessity.


 Faculty of Fine Arts has no partnership with any other International University,