Biography of Abdul Wahab Owais, Dean of Social Science Faculty

Pohanmal Ab. Wahab Owais son of Ab. Sattar was born in Herat in 1979 in a religious family, he completed his elementary and secondary education in Kanoon Farhangi Hejrat in Iran, accomplished his high school in Herat in 1995.  He started his higher education by joining Arabic Language Literature and Islamic Research in Nanagarhar University in 1998. After successfully completing his bachelor’s degree, he became member of Literature and Humanities Faculty of Herat University in 2002 and he obtained his master’s degree from Florence University in Italy in 2013. Pohanmal Owais was selected as the Dean of Social Science Faculty in 2016 and he worked as the Dean of Literature and Humanities for five years from 2007 to 2012. Pohanmal Owais is one of the funders of Arabic language literature department of Literature and Humanities Faculty. He published five research-based paper.