Food Technology Department

The central government along with several development foundations and investors declared the objectives of enhancing food process capacity all over the country. At the moment there is no food department or food technology program in any of the public and private universities in Afghanistan. Recently, food technology department is identified as a basic need for Afghanistan. Due to this need, the faculty of Agriculture at Herat University decided to establish a food technology department in 2015. The objective is to dislocate professionals of food technology in both private and governmental sectors all over the Afghanistan to develop food industry. This department considered all the factors from different sectors in the process of food industry to make sure the curriculum is perfect.

Through the teachers and students, the Department of Food and Technology wants to:

  1. To communicate with food processing private sectors in order to support the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Livestock, and the Ministry of Public Health.
  2. Directly support the quality and protection of food process in private sectors.

Overall, this curriculum is designed in a way to prepare technical support needed for improving food quality, assure job opportunities for the graduates of this department and increase the economic growth in the food process and industry.

The establishment of Food Technology Department in Agriculture Faculty of Herat University was approved in 6/5/2015 by the Ministry of Higher Education. By considering our internal policies in the faculty, we chose 15 students (8 males and 7 female) from sophomores of different departments in the faculty. The students started their first semester of the third year in 2018. Not to forget that in the 2018 Kankor admission list there were 50 places for new students in this department.    

This department and its other programs are administered by the following vision, mission and Objectives:


The Department of Food Technology at Herat University will graduate students in the society whom have the knowledge and operative skills related and useful and they will act as a manager, teachers, company owners, governmental authorities and other important decision makers which can solve the challenges in the process of food production in Afghanistan immediately.


The Department of Food Technology presents a comprehensive curriculum based on the involved sectors’ favor and food technology basics. Besides, the department presents operative skills and skills which can be used in food process, quality control, food protection and production development.

Building a Laboratory:

The Faculty of Agriculture at Herat University has successfully established a laboratory which focuses on food technology and also used for some other purposes in the Faculty of Agriculture. This Laboratory is important for undergraduate’s skills development trainings and trainings for industry owners in the future. These well-equipped laborators are consist of three rooms, which two of them are used as expertism laboratories and the last one is for food processing.