Summary of Computer science faculty strategy plan:

Our view is exposure of needful services in national and international level to be able to be responsible for all requirement of social with current development of information technology and be able to compete comfortable in the zone and the world until making progress and electronic of Afghanistan and system of higher education to be responsible for current requirement for Afghanistan, designing network, implementation network, designing website, managing operating system, production of technology and creating scientific research and experiential via Internet and using technology knowledge in a good way to solve people problem and erect properly country. to ward technology for impoundment of comfort community, social development and social facility. in sum it perks all learners of technology in national and international levels.

Goals of computer science faculty

The period of information technology is stable demand processing of information and technology and this work was caused to perk human kind for learning new technology and upgrades itself with exiting or created changing computer science faculty follow improving knowledge and specialist in having department of information management system (data base), Software engineering and communication and operating system (network).

General goal

Achievement to autarky scientific experiment and skill.

Movement toward producer of knowledge creating new capacity and enabling scientific and improving learner’s knowledge level for active activity.

Preparing exploratory relic and research team by professor and learners for replying to important question and resolving needful knowledge and cultural and in needful zone and global.

Creating knowledge network with international institutions and internal and external university for converging knowledge global technology and using from effective abilities of creating modern to make a bright future to country. 

 A chance for today and previous day of social in information technology in producing software and systems creating safe and modern technical offering technology services.

In creating quantity and quality of computer science faculty, scientific knowledge, technical of learners for achievement of enough abilities for progress development and constant uplift for afghan national development strategy.

 Improving level of educational plans from bachelor to master and doctorate with over viewing for social joy according international standards.

Creating academic and scientific environment for exchanging information criticism and useful criticism and acceptable alive and it will be done in citification forces and will be supported student`s journal.

Student`s civilities as a liberal citizen responsible and reviewer, be enough capacity and lead consist for social warranty endurance mutual courtesy.

Constitution and extension a prime framework constitution of network in all higher education faculties.

Building of central information technology in all higher education faculties.


Proprietary goals

Paying attention in the level of literacy of people to pass from technology which is infested in our country relevant for needing and obligations of the zone.

To make developing plan is requested with society and having time for investing on progressing of the country.

Present updated knowledge to bring up instructors for teaching better.

Exchanging concepts between official universities of the world.

Making Conspectus to improve the educational level to make persuading believes.

Creation of needed conspectus and facilities for all departments to work better.

Teach new methods for students in the way of technology and encourage the abilities of them to change written systems in to Electronics.

Avail all the facilities of learning foreign languages for professors and students.

Translating of socialistic articles to present them in the international discussions.

Creation of working environment and jobs for graduated students in part of organizations which governmental and none governmental offices.