Introduction and history of the faculty:

Herat University as a dynamic and animated academic center by realizing the necessity of the Afghanistan community to specialist forces in terms of policy-making, governing and management by presenting the inquiry letter (No 1987) dated 01/12/1390 equal to 20/02/2012 and establishment plan of faculty of administration  and public policy to respective ministry of higher education, could get the pleasure to establish the first faculty of administration  and public policy in level of Afghanistan higher education. And based on the order (No 2310/2945) of respective minister of ministry of higher educations, this university officially inaugurated as an independent faculty named administration and Public Policy on 1391 equal to 2012 during a ceremony with presence of former minister of higher education ministry with along board, Herat governor, board of directors, teachers and students of Herat university, heads of governmental administration s and influential persons. And Pohanmal Sayed Farhad “Shahidzada” introduced as the first head of this faculty.