Physics Department

The Department of Physical Education in the School of Educational has been one of the most important departments. It has been taught since the initial days of the institution as Darulamalemeen alongside other subjects. In 1965, with the promotion of the institute to the Institute of pedagogy, the department worked with the mathematics department. In 2003 A.D, when the Ministry of Higher Education was undergoing a series of reforms, this institute joined the University of Herat under the name of Faculty of Education. The Department of Physics at the Faculty of Education worked until 2014.

In 2014, the Department of Mathematics and Physics were separated into two independent departments of mathematics and physics as a result of the proposal of professors of the department and the approval of the Academic Council for Educational and Vocational Education, the Scholarly Council of the University, and the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education. Both departments continue their separate activities independently. Teachers of the department of physics work diligently and indefatigably to provide the society with committed, passionate, and skilled individuals.

Goals and mission of the Physics Department

Creation of a developed and specified program to increase the awareness and satisfaction of the departmental staff and students and informing them about current activities.

 The development of the department by the members of the department.

Formulation and approval of the internal regulations and activities of the department in the areas of administration, education, and training, research, and specialized services.

Academic goals of the Department of Physics

To elevate teachers’ educational qualification to master’s and doctoral degrees

Collaboration with other departments and teaching topics related to Physics and Computer Science