Introduction and History of Agronomy Department

The Agronomy Department was established in 1993 under the Faculty of Agriculture of Herat University. The department has 5 master and doctoral degrees in its formation, and its specialized subjects include: The Basis of Agricultural Plants, Agricultural Machinery, the origin of forage, the origin of herbs, Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology , soil chemistry, the Basis of Sustainable Agriculture, Genitalization Vegetable, Irrigation, Seed Production, storage and processing of vegetable products, grains, Leguminous Crops, Industrial Crops, Fertilization and Plant Nutrition, and water soil conservation.

Scientific and Educational Goals

1. Training the experts in the agricultural sector.

2. Familiarity with Sustainable Farming Systems, Crop Growing, Industrial Crop Growing and Forage Farming.

3. Promoting and developing of modern systems for the cultivation of cereals, forage, industrial and grains.

4. Introducing the appropriate technology in the collection, processing, packaging, sourcing and standardization of crops.

5. Reforming of crops.

6. Producing quality products from a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

7. Identification and management of weeds in agricultural and non-agricultural land.

8. Introducing modern seed technology.

9. Providing services and providing the necessary scientific advice for community practitioners to further develop this field.

10. Introduction of new methods of planting, harvesting, processing, packing of crops, and industrial.

11. Introduction of advanced machinery for better agricultural practices in the maintenance of a safe environment.


This department has been active in various fields related to its profession, including public and private departments including Agriculture, Rural Development, Water Regulation, Agricultural Development, Trade and Industry chambers, Customs (Section Quarantine), Education, Professional Agriculture, Environment, Municipality, Seed Production Management, Agricultural Farm Management, Agricultural Mechanization, Foreign and Domestic Institutions and NGOs in the Agriculture and Livestock sector.