Area of working of departments 

Area of working of faculty 

The graduates from faculty of Fine arts are able to work for advertising companies, TV networks, schools as teachers, universities as lecturers, house designing and decorating, repairing of historical monuments, urban designing, packaging companies, cultural sectors od municipalities and etc.

Introduction to admin staff and Departments’ director of Faculty of Fine Arts

  • PohanmalMohd.tawfiqRahmani, dean
  • PohanmalGh. HazratHassass,deputy
  • Pohanmal Said NavidulhaqFazli, Director of Painting Department
  • PohanmalMohd.tawfiqRahmani, Director of Miniature Department
  • PohandoyFaizaShahir, Director of Graphic Department
  • Ms. ShaimaYaqoobi, Teaching Affairs Manager
  • Ms. RaziaSakhi, Executive Manager

Communicative Bridges

Herat University Complex, west of University’s Admin Building, Faculty of Fine Arts