Department of Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration, as the first department of the Graduate School of Public Administration, was duly entrusted to the Ministry of Higher Education pursuant to Decree No. 3905/2977 dated 01/10/2010.

Introduction of the field:

This discipline deals with the study of the three branches of executive, legislative, and judicial affairs of the state as well as the relationship between them. The public administration is responsible for the functioning of a complex set of organizational and manpower tools, and reflects the laws, regulations, orders, methods and systems of doing business, and, finally, the relationships governing the use of physical, financial, human, tools, Measures and arrangements by which the government carries out its duties in the form of the exercise of sovereignty or the exercise of a business in order to achieve a series of determined goals.

Graduates of the department

The purpose of the formation of the public administration department is the training of the specialist staff required by the governmental organizations as well as the familiarity of the students with the application of scientific methods of public administration. Graduates of this discipline act as directors of government agencies.

Departmental Goals:

  • Improving the academic level of professors
  •  Research in public administration
  •  Attracting new scientific staff
  • Training a dedicated and dedicated staff for the country's administrative system