Law and political science is the most popular field in the humanities field, which attracts many of the top honors in the field. The fascinating nature of this discipline, especially for those who are interested in rational reasoning and understanding of laws and regulations, can be explained by the diverse career prospects and the undeniable power of rights in changing the fate and life of the people of the community. The range of trends, field of activity, and the field of law and political science is wide-spread and is remarkable in all aspects of today's life.

Prosecutors-prosecutors-prosecutors can enter the work area after successfully passing the bachelor's degree and completing their degree courses in defense, prosecution and prosecution departments. Another job at the State Department is the law office, which requires success in the lawyer's license and licensing. Graduates in this field can defend their client's rights as advocates in civil, family and commercial matters, or serve as prosecutors after completing the exam. Judgment of one deck required for the successful completion of judicial review and passing of the judicial period Another important and useful opportunity for graduates of this field is providing legal advice to individuals and public and private entities, especially national and international companies in the field of arranging and arranging commercial contracts and resolving trade disputes through arbitration and arbitration. Job opportunities for graduate students in the field of administration and diplomacy also vary according to their expertise: graduates of this field can act as diplomats or political representatives in Afghan embassies and consulates The students of this field, with the acquisition of leadership and leadership abilities, can perform in executive agencies such as the State Department, the Ministry of Interior and other ministries.

In addition to providing theoretical and applied legal training, the faculty has been working on designing and implementing effective scientific and practical programs, in addition to increasing the legal knowledge of students, they increase the research and professional skills of students and provide good and favorable work opportunities for graduates. Provide this course

The reputation of the administrative and administrative departments of the Faculty of Law and Political Science

1)      Ghulam Shah Adel, Head of the Faculty of Law and Political Science;

2)       Pohnar Pamir Hazem, Associate Professor of Law and Political Science;

3)       Pohniar Rahmatullah Hosni, Head of the Department of Public Health;

4)       Pohniar Ahmad Fouad Sadiq, Head of the Department of International Relations;

5)       Chancellor Khalil Ahmad Fazl, Head of the Department of Private Law;

6)       Pohnar Anargal Mansori, Head of the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminal Sciences.