Postgraduate Higher Education Department

The Postgraduate Department of Higher Education (Masters and Doctorates) has been established based on the Decree No. 1085 dated 2019/8/6of the Honorable Presidential Office to approve the plan for the establishment of the Honorable Minister of Higher Education at the Herat University in the year 2019. According to Decree No. (9205) dated 2018.7/9, the Honorable Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Parviz Ahmad Valizadeh, Professor of Economics, Department of National Economics, University of Herat, has been appointed as the Master of Higher Education.

Herat University Master's Degree Programs

Master business administration MBA program

Master Literature


The main goals of this department are to provide facilities, coordination, observation from adjusting of rules, and master plan bills at Herat University.


1. Arranging monthly, quarterly, and yearly work plans to achieve the predicted goals.

2. Overseeing the implementation of laws, regulations and bills related to graduate programs.

3. Monitoring and controlling different parts of the postgraduate program to improve the quality of the curriculum.

4. Regular review of the curriculum of master's degree programs.

5. Supervising of exams in the master's department of exams to ensure a transparent exam process.

6. Guidance and supervision of the defense of the students' master's thesis.

7. Supervising the distribution of diplomas, transcripts and ID cards in order to establish a fair and accurate system.

8. Overseeing the preservation of the credentials of master’s students to create an information system.

9. Overseeing classroom assignments and exams to maintain order and discipline and coordinate between universities.

10. Supervision of leisure activities of undergraduate students in accordance with the procedure.

Postgraduate Higher Education Board

In order to review and monitor the activity, quality and implementation of postgraduate programs, the Postgraduate Higher Education Board at Herat University has been created as follows:

1. Pohanmal Tofiq Sarvarzadeh, Academic Vice chancellor (Board Chairman)

2. Pohandoy Dr. Mohammad Dawood Munir, Member of the Dari Masters Committee on Persian Literature (Board Member)

3. Pohandoy Dr. Mohammad Dawood Timory, Member of the Masters Committee of the Department of Commerce (Board Member)

4. Pohanmal Dr. Parviz Ahmad Valizadeh the vice-chancellor Master of Higher Education (Secretary and Board Member)

Board Duties:

1. Addressing the problems and needs of the master's program in Herat University.

2. Overseeing the implementation of laws, regulations and scientific standards regarding postgraduate programs.

3. Coordinating and collaborating on graduate programs with the University Academic Council.

4. Presenting the latest report of each semester on the activities and credentials of postgraduate programs to the Scientific Council of the University.

5. Reviewing the proposals of the Masters Programs Committee and make the necessary decisions.

6. Reviewing long-term annual and long-term development plans of the master's program and making the necessary decisions.

7. Reviewing and monitoring the activity, quality, and implementation of postgraduate programs and report it to the Higher Education Commission and the Academic Council of the University.

General Admission to Herat University Master's Programs:

1. Having a Bachelor's Degree in the same or related field.

2. Fluency in one of the internationally recognized languages.

3. Successfully passing the entrance exam.

4. Having an average of sixty-five percent of bachelor's degree scores or equivalent.

Head of Herat University Graduate School of Education: Dr. Parviz Ahmad Valizadeh

Office Contact Number: 2258315

Email Address:  &

Address: Department of Herat University, Third House, Department of Higher Education