The Academic Deputy (Deputy Chancellor in Academic Affairs) focuses on capacity building, developing teaching materials and establishing graduate programs. Today 116 of Herat University faculty members have graduate degrees and 12 are doing PHD and attending short term conferences and national and international seminars. Teaching material of faculties specially Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Education, Law and Political Science, Theology and Agriculture have been revised and updated according to the most recent developments in the area.

For the departments, teaching and educational materials evaluation forms are distributed. Moreover, all the activities are organized according to the credit system. The departments are advised to be student centered and to try to increase the quantity and the quality of their services. To achieve these goals, Quality Control and Self-Assessment Committee was established in all faculties of the university.

During these years, Herat University faculty members have done and written books, textbooks, articles in different fields of study.

Establishing of Herat University Research Center, proposing fifty research projects and forming and supporting team research are important activities of the Academic Deputy.  

 According to the schedule, in 1392, Pazhohish Journal was published by the Research Center.

Other activities of Academic deputy are establishment of the faculty of Public Administration and promoting 2 departments to faculties (Journalism and Veterinary), Establishment of departments of Pashtu, Private Law, Tafsir and Hadis, Megatronic, Architecture, Graphics, Music, Agriculture Extension, and Sociology, and Sport and Health Center.

Moreover, in 1392 the proposal for establishing 5 new departments, promoting of Education Faculty to the University of Education, and establishment of faculty of Water Resources are among the academic development plans of Herat University. 

Academic Deputy enforces the rules and regulations of ministry of Higher Education through devising proper action plans and guidelines, organizing the university Academic Council meetings and other university Committees and Commissions, and supervising the departments.