Introduction of Male Dormitory

Establishment of Male Dormitory of Herat University is concurrent with establishment of Herat University in 1367 (Gregorian calendar) to accommodate those qualified students during their learning process in accordance to the articles second and fifth of dormitory laws that those poor students whom are from remote districts and whom their residency is distanced 35 km from the central learning institution. 

This dormitory did not have its own building since its establishment till 1381 (Gregorian calendar). First, it was settled in the Teacher Training Center building, then moved to Park Hotel building which is the property of Hotels Directorate. This dormitory has provided almost reasonable services to its students as follows:

  1. Creating green space and planting trees to provide a natural and clean environment.
  2. Construction of a dining facility room equipped with serving tables and chairs in a healthy environment isolated from the work place.
  3.  Construction of ablution building, bathroom and installation of a 1,200 water reservoir tank for students.
  4. Construction of a mosque building.
  5. Concreting and insulating of the roofs.
  6. Repairing of electrical system which previously had been out of order.
  7. Installation of projectors outside and inside of dormitory.
  8. Creating systematic water system in the entire sections of dormitory.
  9.  Printing and publication of guidance messages, scientific messages, cultural and Islamic messages in order to friendship and coexistence between dormitory students.
  • Committees:

In this dormitory such committees has been established that students themselves practically fulfill its programs under the supervision of the dorm’s authorities that are as follows:

  1. Sport committee:

This committee has been able to conduct annual competitions in different fields such as soccer and volley ball between professional dormitory players whom are being selected from among the dormitory’s nominated teams and these teams have had active participation in competitive races that have been held amongst the Herat University and private higher educational institutions and any other entities and till now could acquire the championship title, championship cup and championship medals for the dormitory. Lack of sport facilities and equipment such as a proper exercise field, net, ball, dress … etc. had been part of the problem that the dorm athletes had been facing but this has been resolved through the management of the dormitory, students, and Herat University Directorate.

  1. Cultural and religious committee:

This committee has been able to provide and present best services regarding the teaching of prominent religious obligations of Islamic cultural bases for students and also with the continues efforts of this committee, a library has been established and besides, some book donation programs through which it would collect books is already carried on.

  1. Internet point:

With the strong efforts a computer lab containing 24 systems in order to provide internet services, scientific and research based programs has been established but unfortunately yet there is no internet services available and students only use the systems for writing purposes.

Herat Male Dormitory management in accordance to the regulations of dormitory laws and also in accordance to the job descriptions tries to hold practical affairs as follows:

  1. Safeguard and serious protection of equipment and facilities in order to serve better services for students.
  2. Creating concordance among the students
  3. Continues supervision over different sectors and prevent any type of breach of regulations and lack of discipline among the dorm’s students
  4. Continues supervision of bread, meat, food material and fruit quality and creating a various type of meals for lunch and dinner.
  5. Cleaning wells and digging new wells if needed
  6. Holding (conducting) sport races, book reading, and article writing inside and outside of dorm in order to develop thoughts, mental and physical attitude of the students
  7. Sightseeing and observing historical monuments, entertainment places and creating healthy spirit for students
  8. Providing internet access for students
  9. Since its establishment, Male Dormitory of Herat University could provide best services for more than 6,000 students whom graduated from different faculties.

It also is being providing its services for more than 435 students right away in this year.